CoronavirusFiction & PoetryLifestyleThe Pang of a Pandemic – Now the Whole World is Sitting Down

The whole world is sitting down.
Her nations’ gates are closed.
The earth’s gravitation is frozen.
The air everywhere is flu-bound.

The sick can’t afford to be alive.
The healthy are ordered inside.
People are dying;
Corruption and bad leaders are alive.

Everywhere a strange visitor arrived,
bearing a bouquet of red-blooded virus.
Those with adequate governance
loathes uncertainty with a name.

Wealth and abundance abide
In the West, the visitor pays it no heed.
Resources abide, uncertainty abide.
Corona is the name of the sojourner.

The visitor that occupy our world
makes us bewildered victims.
Children of our birth; children of the dust.
The border fight is useless. True.

We’re going to be certain of our uncertainty.
We’re testing positive by the visitor.
We’re going to fight and kill it:
flu with the name of a consumer product.

We’re going to survive to drive again.
We’re going to make amends –this world.
If lessons are kind to us, the future
will see beyond the economy of nations.

Our future must bury wickedness,
Loathe racism and love immigrants.
Pray for the will to love the other.
Political success is better in nobility.

Heed the bitter lessons of today
the visitor’s wicked streaks.
Life goes on because we live,
Because we need to live!


♦ Prof. Chris Chinwe Ulasi, PhD is on the Editorial Board of the Pilot News

Copyright (c) 2020

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