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Pilot Media Inc.

PILOT MEDIA INC. is an American-based multinational mass media corporation focusing mostly in News, television, and film. As an operational charge, we connect a variety of people, politics, and cultures worldwide through our news outlets, digital and studio content, television, film, live events, products, production and more.


West African Pilot News

The West African Pilot News also Pilot News is a political, community, and business-focused, English-language international news site based in Houston, Texas, United-States. Pilot News, along with its subsidiary Pilot TV, is managed by The Pilot Media Inc. The West African Pilot News and Pilot TV are published and broadcast online, targeting news and events in the Sub Saharan Africa with emphasis to Nigeria.


Our Mission is to be the leading provider of news, information and business solutions for all our targeted audiences in Sub-Saharan Africa with emphasis to Nigeria.



In an era pervaded with technology applications and availability of inexpensive publishing tools, the news industry has been threatened by production and delivery inadequacies. Likewise, the web system have been pervaded with blogs and news sites facilitated by dishonest trolls with ulterior political interests. A remedy becomes inevitable.  Our Vision is to be a credible information hub for the communities we serve.

Professional Covenant

The Pilot is dedicated to taking credible journalism to the next level. It is our commitment to foster public discourse most relevant to effective governance. In a region where democracy is under threat and freedom of speech is not guaranteed, it is our professional duty to maintain the highest standards of quality news reporting, improve our operational tools, and preserve and promote core editorial values. These values are our priorities. They are:

  • Protection of the First Amendment rights and development of unrestricted flow information.
  • Uphold the highest level of diversity and inclusion in all our news content across all platforms.
  • Promote our role in providing information relevant to the development of sub-Saharan regions.
  • Promote and encourage innovation and celebrate creativity in all our news platforms
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