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Avatar PilotnewsDecember 23, 2019

In a tough political era, the mainstream media has been compromised by special interests, making it difficult to serve readers with fairness and objectivity.  Media independence is not a Western movie. To a media entity, it means total independence from governmental and corporate interests; it means complete liberation from any interests that might impair editorial policies and decisions.  A news media reliant on any external entity cannot properly serve the masses.

At a period when the news industry is under pressure of survival under severe political, economic, and cyber uncertainties, media independence becomes problematical.  It is worrisome that majority of mainstream media houses are under complete control of political interests who supplement their operational revenues. Such vested interests and domineering influence pollute editorial decisions with deception and subjectivity.

To a media entity, Media Independence  means total independence from governmental and corporate interests; it means complete liberation from any interests that might impair editorial policies and decisions

So when the West African Pilot News was conceived to resurrect a similar newspaper published 82 years ago by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the first phase was to establish an independent news media dedicated to serving the masses with no interference. We may recall that on November 22, 1937, Nnamdi Azikiwe (“Zik”) established and edited The West African Pilot to fight for independence of Nigeria and other African countries from the British colonial rule. But the quality of this publication won the heart of both the colonialists and African indigenes yearning for self-resurgence.

Unfortunately, Zik’s West African Pilot went out of business in 1967 following the outbreak of the Nigerian Civil War (1967–70).  Since then, the mainstream political elites who feared that it might accord the people an unprecedented voice over a contentious leadership structure suppressed major attempts to resuscitate this publication.

Today, the Pilot has arrived–intelligibly armed and strategically adventurous to deliver uncensored news, information and business solutions for the Sub-Saharan Africa population with emphasis to Nigeria. We understand the current challenges of the news industry exacerbated by an influx of technology applications and availability of inexpensive publishing tools. We also know of a web system saturated with blogs and news sites facilitated by dishonest trolls with ulterior political interests.

Therefore we agree with the masses, to maintain the highest standards of quality news reporting, improve our operational tools, and preserve and promote core editorial values.  We are proud to also announce that the leaders, managers, and entire editorial staff of the Pilot are seasoned journalists and loyal members of the media confraternity.

We are not hungry. We do not represent any group or entity, tribe, religion, government, party or any special interest group. We represent the masses because we are passionate about their existence.  Reporting their social, political, and economic interest are our fundamental obligation. It is also our responsibility to monitor their leaders, their resources, and sociopolitical environment and acquaint them with substantial updates.

Our covenant with the masses entails holding the most powerful accountable for their policy-making engagements; exploring the rights and wrongs as they impact the system; giving a voice to the less privileged; and also, giving the reader a voice to announce your concerns, celebrate your community and your accomplishments, and promote your cultural values.

It takes two to tango, therefore; we are humbly inviting you to join us in fulfilling our objectives.


© 12-23-2019 (Editorial Board of the West African Pilot News)

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