LifestyleNewsNigeriaStunned Bystanders Unite To Save a Badly-Beaten Child Abuse Victim

Dumbfounded passersby teamed up to rescue a badly-beaten child in Onitsha, Anambra State. The innocent girl, described as Chioma Ogbu was found limping on the street on her way to fetch water at night with bruises and swollen face.

Curious passers-by who spotted her decided to question her. Chioma could hardly talk because she has lost her voice. Based on her condition, bystanders decoded to take her to the police station.

The girl’s uncle whom she stays with and the wife was immediately arrested. It was gathered that Chioma has been under severe abuse by Uncle Mr. Hillary Apeh from Enugu Ezike. Mr. Apeh told the police that he came back from market and there was no water at home for him to bathe, and that was what triggered the brutal beating in question

Strings of Abuse

According to Chioma, she stays at home while her uncle’s children go to school. She sleeps in the kitchen while her uncle’s children sleep on the bed. His Uncle’s wife, Nkiru who she calls Aunty starves her over a minor provocation, a times going a whole day, without food. Chioma disclosed that she never wanted to be a house help was he never fulfilled.

He told the police that he came back from market and there was no water at home for him to bathe. This man’s first daughter is older than this innocent girl, yet he could not demonstrate his anger on his own daughter for not fetching water. His wife was also invited and questioned.

The girl narrated to the police how her uncle has been maltreating her.

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