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Is ‘brand’ a lie or a camouflage?

Or should I ask:

“Is camouflage a lie?”


Am I confused?


Certainly not

Or Maybe.


Let’s talk about the CEO that pushes junk snack and drinks to the common man

but forbids himself or his children to take them.

He takes and feeds them soya milk and smoothies, instead.


But he is the CEO, isn’t it?

Don’t tell me it’s for money.

Or maybe it is for money.


But at the same time,

people eating his well campaigned product will soon be impoverished.

Abi, you’re not thinking what I’m thinking?


Okay. Let’s say he gets more sales,

gives jobs to jobless youth,

shebi consumers will still eat it and die?

Sorry. Maybe not die sharp sharp.

But they will eat it and be sick

and now be going from hospital to hospital

and finish their money and that of their friends and relatives

and now die.


The CEO will continue to fly aeroplane

for the next partnership.

He will now stuck his fridge with whole grains

and make more money and be doing excursion

abi is it vacation?

And even do oyinbo check up sef.


Meanwhile, the people, especially the die-hard fans

will continue to die hard.

Maybe the ones that have money will not die hard sha

but their eye too go red

because money na for pocket;

food na for intestine.


But wait o. Come to think of it,

Can we not promote healthy foods

to the point of making it more affordable to the poor

as are the junks?


People feed on these harmful junks and drinks,

deceived by colourings and cunny brand convictions

just to keep body and soul together.

Yet we talk about overcrowding of medical centres.

At least, if we do not have the money to advance our medical centres,

shouldn’t we uphold the well-being of healthy citizens?


Abi, una don forget say

Prevention is better than cure?


But no.

Person dey use im hand go buy wetin go damage im system,

terminate their life  join on top say healthy food dey tear pocket.


Tufia kwa.


I just wan remind us say

Among all the things wey we dey clamour for

for dis Nigeria so,

we gats champion the cause to make healthy food affordable to the poor.

No be to dey follow brand dance for main road to win cash gift and promo.


Promo wey go still purge your destiny. mtcheew


Ehen, before I forget,

One bus driver wey I enter im bus wan time

bin dey tell me say

all these retailers wey dey sell one particular brand of junk food

wey popular for this our naija,

say the retailers dem dey return their cartons back to the factory when e expire.

The company go come print new nylon with new date,

come repackage am.


I know you dey ask how the aproko driver take know.


him talk say, him bin dey work for the company before.


You go still even call me tatafo, come ask me wetin bring up that kain talk.


Are you not a NIGERIAN?


One thing always lead to another that will lead to another

that will now land in the main gist.


All of us na natural aprokos and tatafos.

If you no dey do your own publicly,

you sha dey use social media.


Abeg komot there jo.

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