BusinessNewsNigeriaIT firm, Gomova introduces moving/delivery App for truck drivers, dispatch riders

An Information Technology (IT) company, Gomova technologies has introduced a moving and delivery App for truck drivers, bike dispatch riders in Nigeria.

Tagged the future of dispatch and moving services, the innovative App is offering massive opportunities to local truck drivers and van drivers, bike dispatch riders and more.

A press statement by the company explained that independent drivers such as tow van drivers that have never thought it possible a time would come when they would get towing requests on their phones are thrilled by the app concept.

Majority of the drivers, such as Ola whose location is in Apo, NEPA Junction, Abuja, says the thought of the app gives them quiver as it would mean more towing jobs for them daily.

Before this time, they had their towing trips by turn, and each day a driver may have just one towing trip and he’s done for the day.

Sometimes some lucky ones would have two, but with an app that offers real time, on demand requests, this is about to change.

At a time when the high cost of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) is biting hard on most dispatch riders and drivers, Ayo, another driver, says the app is a game changer for them.

According to them, it’s about to better their lives as the Uber and Bolt hailing apps changed the lives of taxi drivers whose lives were stagnant, waiting for their turns for hours before each ride per day.

It’s interesting to note that the Gomova App is a Nigerian built app, locally crafted to meet world class excellence,” the statement explained.

The Chief Operating Officer of the startup, Mrs Helen Ekwoaba in an interview stated that the brand’s vision is providing seamless mobility for a connected world.

Gomova, which was inspired by illumination on the founder, Mr. Ekwoaba, is fostered on a brand mission aimed at transforming the way goods move, creating a world where mobility is effortless and accessible to all.

With already over a thousand riders, hundreds of truck and van drivers signed up in Nigeria’s city capital, Abuja, the app is a game changer for all moving and delivery needs of users.

Arguably the first app in the world to offer seamless moving and delivery, on demand, in real time via bicycles, motorcycles, vans, trucks and towing vans.

Gomova is available for download on Apple store and Google play stores respectively.

By Uzoamaka Ikezue (Staff Reporter)

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