Chris Chinwe UlasiColumnsFiction & PoetryOn the Rise of the Phoenix, “Dear lockdown folks…”

Dear lockdown folks,
this is the Phoenix.
Yes, that enigmatic bird of legends,
the one that goes by what it can do
not what muted dreams conjure up.
Phoenix is my name!
”Lockdown folks,

why are you so depressed?”
Have you been watching
the press briefings –yes,
the ones created by DT.
The ones that buck at reason;
the ones that proclaim darkness
even if the sky is bright and sunny?

The daily news updates
require strength of forbearance
to remind us
of what’s at stake for mankind.
A once in a lifetime epochal rise
from aches of death and suffering
Is a must –costly price:
data and science are congruent on this,
Saying loud and clear,
”Do something quickly
about this historic scourge”
to avert the lament
of the shepherdless lamb,
and to remind us
of our human will to live,
to rise and fly over the aches
of the clouds.


Copyright © 2020 Chris Chinwe Ulasi 

♦ Professor Chris Chinwe Ulasi, Ph.D. is on the Editorial Board of the West African Pilot News.

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    Favour Ebube

    June 28, 2021 at 1:03 pm

    Thank you, Dr. Ulasi, for this timely poem. The human will is to live and as measures are being taken towards curbing the pandemic, we are reminded of how graciously we must live and act on our dreams and vision.


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