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“Racism is terrorism. Period.” ―Don Okolo

The American system of government is still on the move, going into its two hundred and fifty-fifth year as a nation. It has, undoubtedly, endured. The bulk and size of her polity, the one singularity that had woven the ligaments of her fabric into a tight, waterproof structure…the sole rationale for her longevity, the reason it has persevered inside both rigors of good and bad politics are because of those sitting on the ringside and watching her manners, and the strength of the original transcript that eventually became the Constitution.

And of course, those other lesser, modern day gods, who truly believe that all men are truly created equal. If one took a good assessment of the American experiment from 1776 to this day 2021, one would most likely stand impressed by her sheer survivability against all odds. But her range in the gutter of inhumane deeds, her practice of certain abominable faiths, and everything she had allowed to fester inside her institutions, aware that God Himself despises them, would cause that one taking note to change the grade from a B to a C minus. Inside of the two hundred and fifty-five years, she had struggled to maintain that persona of a great, moral nation, toting that ‘Out of many, one’ garbage.

The rest of the world are still looking up to her…including those from parts of the world some in white America abhors the most. In their pot of derision, it seems, are all non-whites. You would think that inside that pot of contempt would be the entire black race. If any race was markedly different from the white race, it is the black race…that’s why. Most other races are very close cousins to the white man…color-wise. But in this proverbial boiling tub are the rest of the world of races of non-whites. Period.

In God, Americans say, they trust. And I believe they do. You should know that it is within the same purveyors of that benign maxim that you find the world’s most hateful denizens Providence ever created. Why is the stronghold of the Whiteman’s world not affected by simple, unadulterated, and absolutely pristine kinds of reasoning? Why is the White race not guided by the sheer fear of the unknown…the Unknown Entity here being God? You should know that they are holding onto Him, too…just as you believe that you are. Two hundred and fifty-five years of waging all kinds of battle…the good, the bad, and the downright evil: Evil, it seems, could have won.

That vile originality of these lounged lizards are coming around the bend, with the same paws and maws, with the insatiable, voracious appetite to devour anything in her way. These new standard bearers of the republican party have morphed, now clad in that old-fashioned robe the German Third Reich wore. The only thing missing are the goosesteps and the Nazi salute. Dracula would go into a destructive mode if he needed blood and was finding no easy target. January 6th, 2021 was the day she sought blood. She was partially successful, only because they only had haphazard plans when the attack was launched. They learned from that one mistake, and they will be good and ready next time. And hence, her new breed of politicians, the ones with the appetite for real blood are emerging in their colorful garbs emblazoned with motifs declaring, in clear, unambiguous lucidity, the age-old, Anglo-Saxon noise of the Whiteman’s superiority. An awkward reason for his fear of other races, especially the black race, is pulling the leash, looking for a place to park this demented mantra. Somewhere in the vast niches of the American landscape, there are wet, fertile grounds to park this dilapidation on wheels. The Americans in these enclaves would be force-fed, money taken from them without them knowing that they are being fleeced.

Steve Bannon, and his evil twin, Stephen Miller, began the slow dismantling of the bricks and pillars holding the nation together

Take it from me, the stage is set for the big America takedown of some of her citizens. A tag team of the purest Rightists phenoms exist…to ram her from every which way. All the rules of that engagement, the fairness doctrine, and the dynamics that drive all clean fights would be rewritten to favor the hard right’s position. 2017 was the year a handful of racists came to power. That year, and the three subsequent years that followed, Steve Bannon, and his evil twin, Stephen Miller, began the slow dismantling of the bricks and pillars holding the nation together. It was music to the ears of Donald Trump…the one who demanded loyalty from his cabinet. That should have told us something. Apparently, it didn’t…because at the time, people believed that the country was bigger than he was.

If I am right, which I know that I am, because I am the armchair prophet of God, this once beautiful enclave, where Heroes, Lords and Masters of the game once resided would come crashing down. She will fall on her once ageless and gorgeous face. Listen for the new battle cry to warn you that the end of the American experiment is nigh: ‘America, The Ugly’…a dirge and a requiem combo…and the Musicians on the bandstand would not be the likes of Bruce Springsteen and the other voices of hope, tolerance, and love.

It’d be those hickey, snake-roasting, blue-grassy mold…the bands of hostility and rancor, who believes that all other races are ganged up against them. Back then, the Germans had the same beliefs; that the Jews were a threat and therefore must be exterminated…expunged from their midst to maintain what they believed was the true German blood. If you paid any attention to the shenanigans of these new crops of republicans, in their delicate art, unweaving…undoing the weakened fabrics from the existing tapestry, one strand at a time, you would see that the same devil that wrote the playbook for the annihilation of the Jews for the Third Reich is at it again. This devil has infected a good many mind of these antebellum offspring; what drove the mind of Adolf Hitler is baking and simmering in these sludge pits, and would sooner than you think, arise from the murk, and destroy, or annihilate, as many of the black race as possible. It is coming!!!

Yes, I am the armchair prophet of God…and I do not need an offering to tell you this. I am declaring that the world’s greatest political system, the envy of the world, would crash and burn…that is, if politicians like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Gov. Brian Kemp, Ted ‘Satan-in-the-flesh’ Cruz, Josh Hawley, Leona Bobbitt, no, I mean, Lauren Boebert, the meanest slasher, and the grandfather of these imbeciles, Donald J Trump, were allowed to ply their soulless, political diatribe unchecked.

A Rose by any other name: The First American Caucus is The Third Reich. Remember this.

Look no farther than Arizona and the events happening in Maricopa County. What that portends is that all subsequent elections would be determined by that Putin-esque grip. This is the beginning of the end of democracy. The seed has already been planted; the First American caucus…the political husbandry Marjorie Taylor Green set up, would be the vessel for the promulgation of this wicked faith. A Rose by any other name: The First American Caucus is The Third Reich. Remember this.

There’s a quiet, unmistakable passion roiling in the guts of these people to kill as many black men as possible by employing the hands of law enforcement. Under that guise, they have a free-flowing bridle to cast around the necks of black men. Take their misogynistic rant on George Floyd, for example; they blustered shamelessly and raved about how Derek Chauvin’s conviction would constrict police work. That is the same thinking that governs policing in authoritarian regimes. Clampdowns and incessant killings of unarmed people they find protesting. Wasn’t that what Gov. Ron DeSantis recently signed into law in Florida? Indeed, a house divided as the United States of America is divided, can never stand. It means that God will allow the US to destroy itself…because it looks as if that is what she wants. Be my guest, God would have hissed in anger.

Racism is terrorism. Period. Steve Scalise, Steve King, and Stephen Miller are also the notorious ones. Is it a coincidence that these men were all named Steve or Stephen as their first names? Ok, I’ll grant that to coincidence. Maybe, it is. But I’d not go naming a grandchild of mine, Judas…if you get my point. Oh, hell, I wouldn’t name my grandkid, Steve or Stephen…just for the heck of it. These three, in my book, have cursed the name, just as Judas, inadvertently did, by betraying the one Man, his Master, who loved him.

The most heartbreaking thing is to have a family member, a Jew, help the Third Reich kill six million other Jews. Someone should tell Candace Owens that her dance with the devil could scorch her people. The truth is that I’d prefer that Candace Owens stood with her kind, and render all the quotations and exaltations of brilliance that comes out of her mouth on us. And that she’d pour the savagery, the venomous parts of her anger against the recalcitrant evil entities that are her bedfellas. She should know that when the extermination begins, they would start with her and her waspish temerity to betray her own people. It is as if Jesus Christ took one look at the plight of Lucifer and decided to help him; Christ would give a different spin on Satan to rewrite the truth and the facts about Satan’s ignominious demise. He would go against His own Father: He would carry the falsehoods, the fabrications to His Father’s own front porch and lay them there. That is the depth of Candace Owens’ betrayal of her own people. What would the devil do after he had gotten the help from his newest found pal? He wouldn’t wait three years; he’d betray Jesus Christ quicker than Judas did. Chukwu Aju! God forbid! That is exactly the game Candace Owens is playing…a sacrilege. With that, the white supremacist nation is giddy. They love her. She should be looking forward to having her coffers stuffed with enough pieces of silver to keep her in blindfold. And you, too Bitch!!!

♦ Don Okolo, Professor and filmmaker, is on the Editorial Board of the West African Pilot News. He is the author of many books.

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