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A certain lady identified as Jumoke was hit and killed by a stray bullet at the ‘Yoruba nation’ rally in Lagos.

Jumoke was said to have been shot at her back while hawking drinks to make ends meet.

Witnesses believe she was killed by a police stray bullet as there was no record of any other person firing at the protest venue.

The agitators had stormed the Freedom Park holding ‘Oduduwa nation’ flags and banners while demanding sovereignty.

In an attempt to disperse the agitators, members of the police force used cannons, tear gas canisters and fired guns into the air sporadically

However, the police action followed the Commissioner’s speech with journalists at the park.

He noted that the police were there to ensure that there was no security infringement in the state.

“We are not saying you should not protest, we want you to send a detailed letter to the police stating the number and identities of the protesters. Also, the location should be in the letter,” he said..

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