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Nigerian skit maker, Lasisi Elenu said he ventured into skit making/social media comedy in order to be famous.

Lasisi, born Nosa Afolabi revealed this in an interview with The Punch’s Blessing Enenaite on Sunday.

The 31-year-old comedian and actor disclosed he was pursuing a career in music alongside skit making at the inception of his comedy career.

While making music, Lasisi revealed he saw skit making as another way of being famous in Nigeria, which eventually worked for him. According to him, the internet is a platform to become famous which he tapped into.

Since had already achieved what he wanted with music in skit making: fame, he added that he discontinued music as a profession to focus on creating comic contents on social media.

He said he saw social media as an avenue for him to express himself rather than make money.

Lasisi said, “Growth has happened over the years. There was a time when we looked up to radio and television. Then, social media became the in-thing. Social media has been in existence since the early 2010s but it became more prominent later on.

“That was how I saw an avenue to express myself. The primary objective when I started was not actually to make money. I just saw it as an opportunity for me to be out there (in the public glare). It felt good but I was pursuing a career in music alongside and it was a struggle.

“I felt the best way to become famous, aside from my music, was to create skits. I tried and it paid off eventually. I became popular and I no longer saw the need to pursue a career in music. Hence, I decided to continue creating content and be in the entertainment space.”

Being one of the most prominent social media content creators in Nigeria, Lasisi revealed that his ability to play different personalities is the edge he has over other skit makers.

On how he sustains his fame, he said he explores from TV shows to comedy, movies, and production to stay relevant..

By Ezinwanne Onwuka (Senior Reporter)

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