CorruptionSoludo Forbids Public Officials From Making Public Donations

By Handel Patrick and Anastasia Mbabie (Staff Reporters)


AWKA — Governor Chukwuma Soludo has declared that public officials serving under the government of Anambra State have been banned from making public donations in public functions.

Governor Soludo made the declaration during the 2nd Session of the 5th Synod of the Diocese of Amichi that took place at St Peter’s Church, Amichi, Nnewi South Council Area.

Governor Soludo explained that the directive to public officials is part of his administration’s proactive effort to fight corruption, adding that it is also for the sake of probity and transparency in line with stipulated codes of conduct.

According to the Governor, everyone should join hands to address the issues of security and environment.

He drew the attention of the church to the unfortunate threat of idolatry which is gradually holding seat across the region, noting that the body of Christ, being one, should synergize and tackle the common threat, because if the church as an institution is muscled out by promoters of idolatry, nobody will be safe anymore.

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