NewsNigeria ElectionsI’ll Win 2023 Presidency With My Structure, Says Accord Party Candidate

Christopher Imumolen, Accord party presidential candidate has boasted of his strategy to mobilise Nigerians to support his agenda for the country.

He said this on Thursday while addressing reporters.

He indicated that he won’t waste his energy on social media publicity because he has been building a structure over the years to deliver him the nation’s number one seat in 2023.

“Let me say this. Next year’s election is going to produce a few surprises because it is those who come into the race with a well-articulated strategy that would carry the day. I am a strategist and I have been all my life,” he said.

“I have been planning this for 15 years through affecting the lives of people. I have been building my structure from the grassroots through empowerment programmes and mass mobilisation.

“If it was due to the level of noise one could make on social media, I would probably not have won the Accord party primaries. I know of candidates who made so much noise in the media but failed to get nominated for the positions they sought because they failed the acid test of putting sound strategies in place.

“As a matter of fact, I beat candidates who were more vociferous, more vocal than I was during our own primaries. And I tell you. While they were busy making their noise, I was more concerned with how I’d get people to vote for me.

“Yes, my concern is to see how Nigerians will turn out in their numbers to vote for me and my party on election day. As I speak, we are planning on how to get voters, and agents to vote as well as represent us in all the 176,000 polling booths across the country on election day. Publicity is good. But not at the expense of real strategy to win the required votes to become the president of a country like Nigeria.”

Beloved John (Staff Writer)

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