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Shatta Wale calls Ghanaian music industry a ‘disgrace’, seeks help from Nigerians Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale, yesterday, described the Ghanaian music industry as a ‘disgrace’.

In a tweet, he urged his colleagues to seek tutorship from Nigerian entertainers rather than talk down on them.

The singer also announced that he needs a record label. “It’s better we stop arguing with Nigerian fans, promoters, etc. and ask for help. Me sef I need a record label,” he wrote.

“Ghana music is a disgrace, mek nobody lie you. Shouts to Naija, Ghana ppl too deh like talk with no action. Yes, I have said it.”

In a follow-up tweet, Shatta Wale said every Ghanaian entertainer needs help. He, therefore, advised his colleagues to drop their egos and request help from Nigerians.

“This year 2023 hard truth nkwaaaa. You need help, I need help. Stop that ego life enogo help you and me.”

Shatta Wale’s tweet came as a shock to the public, as he has in the past condemned Nigerian music and artists.

“I don’t look up to any stupid Nigerian artiste, I look up to my fans. Fuck Nigeria,” he said at his ‘Freedom Concert’ in December 2021.

By Ezinwanne Onwuka (Senior Reporter)

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