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Prof. Chris Imumolen, the Accord Party (AP) presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections, has said that the naira resignation policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is a good and robust policy that is wrongly implemented, stressing that it is good for the elections but hurting the economy.

While speaking on Arise TV on Friday, the presidential candidate said, “The naira redesign is a good policy that is implemented in the wrong way. It is good to consider what is going on; everybody that understands what is happening also understands its purpose of it.

“However, it has a wrong impact on the economy, especially at this time. Look at what is happening in the city let alone in the rural community where the level of digital transactions is very low.

Imumolen added, “We receive calls from the village on a daily basis telling us about the stress that they pass through. I believe that the policy is an All progressives Congress (APC) policy to checkmate the APC, which is why we see this opera around them and for candidates like us, it is good because we now have confidence that vote buying experienced during elections would reduce to a large extent.

“We believe that God is working out something good for us. Candidates like us in the Accord Party were thinking of how to ensure that the votes that we would get during the elections would count. So, it is a good policy for the election but bad for the economy,” Imumolen said.

Speaking on how he would address the rising insecurity in the country if elected the president, he said, “We must begin to address the issue of national disintegration, many Nigerians do not feel that they are part of Nigeria because of the kind of leadership system that we have over time.

“I am going to run an inclusive government. I would bring everybody on board and we would discuss Nigeria in such a way that everybody would feel that he or she is a Nigerian. If people don’t feel that they are part of Nigeria, there would be lots of sabotage, and they would begin to ensure that the country is not safe.

He added, “There is also the issue of porous borders, and in the course of my research, I visited a lot of borders in Katsina and other places, and I discovered that there are about 1,400 unmanned illegal routes into Nigeria. A country that is not properly manned has its national sovereignty in question.

“We must begin to run Nigeria’s security with artificial intelligence. We have so much human intelligence. We should complement that with artificial intelligence, the world has gone digital. We would also ensure that our security personnel is encouraged, motivated, trained, and retrained for effectiveness,” he said.

By Uzoamaka Ikezue (Staff Reporter)

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