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Avatar PilotnewsFebruary 18, 2023

In about one week or so, Nigerians will elect a new President and National Assembly. And, from all socio-political indications, the only thing that is surely certain is that the Nigerian Political Landscape will be structurally and behaviourally altered for good.

Make no mistakes, some political merchants, with open approval of APC-PDP, will try to rig the Election. But that will not work this time around because the era of blatant and mindless rigging and vote-buying is over. Thanks to the new Electoral Law and President Buhari’s bent on leaving behind an Election Legacy that will pretty much erase his socio-economic woes.

In 2008, nobody in the world gave Barack Obama a fighting chance to win the Presidency of the United States. Absolutely nobody, except the American Youth with their unforgettable mantra, Yes We Can!

Today, the emergence of the 2023 Peter Obi with “New Nigeria Is Possible” mantra reminds me of that 2008 Barack Obama phenomenon. This generational and mind-altering emergence was uncontemplated and unforeseen by even the most brilliant and clairvoyant scholars like Malam Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai of Kaduna State. Badly blindsided, they are now scampering for cover like an overgrown puppy. But sad enough, there is no Exit Strategy in politics, particularly Nigerian Politics.

There is a popular saying that history does not repeat itself. I disagree. Once in a long while, history does repeat itself. And, the history of Barack Obama winning the American Presidency is about to repeat itself. All things considered, Mr. Peter Obi and Labour Party, against seemingly insurmountable odds, may very well win this election with a runaway margin.

The reasons are glaring.

First, compared with other Presidential Candidates, the odds are in Peter Obi’s favour because of his messaging style and substance which sucked out all the political oxygen in most of the six geopolitical zones.

Secondly, compared with APC-PDP candidates, LP candidate, Peter Obi, is the most qualified with verifiable and credible credentials. Most Nigerians agree that the credentials of the PDP candidate are in question and that of his APC colleague is unknown. Refreshingly, in this election cycle, Nigerians, young and old, North and South, Muslims and Christians are looking for Competence, Capacity, Commitment, and Character. And, they found these sterling attributes in Mr. Peter Obi, a self-confessed trader from Anambra State.

Last but not the least, most fair-minded Nigerians are of the opinion that the existing Rotational Presidency should be respected in the interest of National Unity. They also feel that the undue influence of ethnicity and religion in our national politics is unhealthy. I agree.

Granted that reasonable minds may disagree, other than Peter Obi, all the other Presidential Candidates are bemused and unsuccessfully gasping for air. And, the Jury is out on the direction Nigeria is headed!!!

Okey (Oduma) Chidolue, Esq.
Nnewi, Anambra State.

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