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“Take a look at those we have put in Aso Rock in the last forty years. Dimwitted dumbasses. Dark-soul-ed oddballs. Grifters. Thieves, the kinds that turn over the treasury bag, shake it loose just for the pennies to drop. They left us with an empty bag”


Why do you people weep? Have you not cried enough? Why do you citizens of the nation of Nigeria not wake up and walk away from the nightmare? Sixty-three years of anguish should be enough to remain in bed with strange bedfellows…with strange customs, traditions, language, and religion. Why would you be content to sleep till dawn while your flute in damp and dew lay forsaken and forlorn? (Chinua Achebe) Why do you have this much hope in a country that has died…and decay had set in? With the differences we have, do you guys not see how incomprehensible it would be to discard these glaring differences without the benefit of a total rewrite of the political game?

I am not here to promote a political ideation that would never be realized because we have, in our midst, mindlessly corrupt citizens, super citizens that have truly gotten it. They know that the enclave of prodigious insanity, the organically decayed land mass of an eclectic mixture of crazies, is a cash cow. They know you can be bought if they flashed the worthless, cheap-paper money they are shoving and dangling in your face…that the level of salivation leaving your mouth, when you see these floaters, blinds you; they know you would stretch out your clammy hands reaching for the slowly dropping paper money to fill your dry coffers; they know that your soul has been compromised and washed clean of the last vestiges of ethics and morality left in you…replaced by the vagaries of cashlessness to turn them down. They know, like the prostitute you have paid to roll with, that you have no choice but to lay down and get bamboozled because you do not have a mind of your own to discern with any clarity that you are being fleeced and banged harder than a watermelon had been beaten with a baseball bat. THEY PHAAKING KNOW!!!

If the current situation would only elicit shallow anger in you, then take your mind off this freaking country…adopt another country if you live outside Nigeria. I HAVE. But I am drawn to that dimness because of these local victuals…grubs like Oha soup, Onugbu, and that searing confection of brilliance called Edikaiko. (For levity) Or, be proud of yourself for having survived this journey of a thousand years, marked by contemptuously mired illnesses in the entire journey.

Do you not see the depth of gains you are trying to yank from these dirty hands? Do you think that the players in that fervent, filthy field would relent, accept Peter Obi to ride in, and undo their grip on debauchery? Do you know know the power of bribery and how it plays as the one supreme factor in getting anyone to kill a beloved one? DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT GOD IS DONE WITH THIS CRAZY COUNTRY…AND THAT WE DO NOT HAVE A PRAYER?

We are as sharp and savvy as we are immeasurably corrupt

In his new book; Win Every Argument, Mehdi Hasan, MSNBC’s anchor, is asking that we breathe, laugh and talk to ourselves if we are to rewrite the bad quotients about a country we cannot force to follow the right path. He is actually reminding Americans how to make a case against their worst political enemies. With Nigeria, it would have worked if we were not plagued by deep-seated gutter-ism. This allows one to state, without equivocation, that Nigerians are a special breed of humans; we are as sharp and savvy as we are immeasurably corrupt. Yeah, that’s the rub about us and other civilizations. The intensity of our political husbandry could be exactly how the lone strategist, the notorious micro-manager in Hell, is running things over there…straight out of Nigeria’s playbook.

If the United States, a nation of immigrants of all persuasions, can elect a black man, twice, as President, you would want to believe that Nigerians could do the same: Elect someone with that high-end intelligence, compassion, and truthfulness to right this sinking, freaking ship. Take a look at those we have put in Aso Rock in the last forty years. Dimwitted dumbasses. Dark-soul-ed oddballs. Grifters. Thieves, the kinds that turn over the treasury bag, shake it loose just for the pennies to drop. They left us with an empty bag. And we are not holding them accountable. Isn’t it why Tinubu and Atiku would return for a second go at the money pit? The Lagos Kingpin, the Godfather of organized crime, Lagos City’s notorious drug dealer could be Head of State of the republic of Nigeria. Do you know of any highly renowned drug Kingpin that does not have blood in his hands? Believe me when I say this: God is telling us to go to Hell…well, for misappropriating the munificence He granted us. Oh, you don’t think so?

The tide could change…only if Peter Obi wins. He has the Jesus Complex to right this ship. And these imbeciles know this. They will not allow it. I could be wrong.

♦ Don Okolo, Professor and filmmaker, is on the Editorial Board of the West African Pilot News. He is the author of many books.

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