LifestyleNewsNigeria72 hours After Marriage, ‘Ex-boyfriend’ of New Wife of Ali, Customs Boss, Demands N9million Compensation for Broken Love.

Avatar Uzoma EzeliohaJune 2, 2020

Less than 72 hours after contracting their marriage, trouble is knocking at the door of the Controller General of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), Hameed Ali in search of his new wife, former Zainab Abdullahi, now Zainab Ali.

The issue stems from one Zubairu Malami, the former boyfriend of Hamid Ali’s new wife, who is demanding N9million compensation over their collapsed relationship.  The development is threatening to fracture the new marriage, who consummated their marriage in Kano, though on a low key scale, because of the COVID-19 guidelines.

In a letter dated May 22, by his lawyer who’s simply identified as I.I. Wangida, Malami said he wanted a refund of the money he spent on Zainab while they courted.

“Our brief as disclosed to us is that for over three years you have been in a relationship with our client where he has invested so much in your life, future and business when you consistently promised to marry him, even though you knew deep down in your heart you were deceiving our client but you allowed him for all these years to continuously spend money and resources on you while he was in the belief that he was doing that to his future we,” the letter read.

“Be that as it may, we have our client’s brief that you have decided to pick another man for yourself as husband and while our client congratulates you on your new home, we have our client’s instructions to also disclose his displeasure over your reaction few days before your marriage by taking an unnecessary fight with him thereby insulting and calling him all kinds of names and your claims that he calculate all you have collected from him both as loans and investment and trips ticket so that you can pay him as you are no longer in his life affairs.”

Malami listed all he had invested in the woman’s life, claiming it amounted to N9,081,207.45 million.

“In view of the above, we have our client’s instructions to demand from you and we hereby demand from you the immediate payment of the sum of N9,081,207.45 only failure to heed to same shall leave us with no other option that to proceed with legal action to recover the said sum.

Your choice in this matter is our preference,” the letter read.



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