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ABUJA — In a major step toward addressing the heightened insecurity across the nation, President Muhammadu Buhari has pledged to put every available resource to use in the fight against insecurity in Nigeria.

In a statement by his spokesperson, Garba Shehu, the president linked the activities of the bandits to food security.

He affirmed that the violent attacks will be addressed to ensure the nation’s food security is not threatened.

“Mr. Buhari has been criticized for his handling of Nigeria’s security situation including that caused by bandits. Apart from the attacks by bandits, kidnappings and killings are also rife in many parts of the country.

“President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday pledged that his administration will use all available resources and manpower in dealing with bandits to ensure that they did not create havoc against access to farms and food production in the coming growing season.

“The law enforcement agencies are working hard to regain confidence against bandits so that we can go back to the land. This is very important. This is what the agencies are busy doing right now. We want people to go back to the land so that we can get enough food for the country and even export.”

The Nigerian security forces and the Buhari administration have faced pressure to stem the wanton killings and kidnappings of innocents citizens across the nation — from young school girls, college and university students, and just plain ordinary citizens — in part to highlight a seeming lack of coordinated action aimed at arresting the situation. The country’s growing insecurity is affecting lives and properties, business and direct foreign investment, abductions, killings and poverty are at their highest point in decades and citizen confidence in their governments is at the lowest point since the EndSars demonstrations and pandemic began.

The president said it’s his wish that Nigerians will understand the security situation and appreciate the effort underway by his administration to fully address the insecurity and worsening economic situation afflicting citizens.

“With the resources and manpower available to us, we are working very hard. We are hoping Nigerians will understand the problem. Nigerians know at what stage we came in in 2015, what state we are today both on security and the economy and we are doing our best,” the statement read in part.

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