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Avatar PilotnewsAugust 14, 2021

ABUJA —  A group of women, known as “Able Women, has taken to repairing dilapidating access roads to their community — Byazhin-across community, Kubwa– a suburb of Abuja.

The access roads leading to the community have been so bad, causing accidents for the residents.

A News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) correspondent who spoke with some of the women concerning the road, report that Byazhin Across, is a suburb in the Bwari Area Council.

Mrs. Khadijat Kosoko, a member of the group said the project started in 2019 as an act of love for society and humanity.

“Seeing how pregnant women were having miscarriages, students falling from bike, made us come up with an idea to help the community fix the deplorable road.”

“We started with filling potholes, a man saw us and offered to help, with financial assistant, so we decided to fix the whole road.

”So we block the road and started collecting money, N30, N50 and N100 daily from motorist to continue the road construction. 

“The amount of money we got in a day was surprising. So with what we were able to gather, the work commences in earnest,” she said.

Mrs. Rose Obeahon, a proprietress and a member of the group said in spite of the fundraising, funding the project was not easy, adding that they are grateful to some generous individuals.

“A man was driving one day, stopped by, and asked us how much we needed at the moment, he immediately supported us by giving us a lot of money.”

“Some churches and business owners about the area also have been very supportive,” she said.

Obeahon said that the women workforce daily sells cards on the road to road users, in order to pile up income for the next road construction.

“When we don’t have enough funds from the road users, we take from our purses to also assist in the work,” she said.

Mrs. Bola Shitta, a.k.a  Mama Kpomo, the women leader said they have experienced countless challenges, from been cheated, to some people refusing to contribute and others insulting and calling them all sort of names.

Shitta, however,  commended the women, stating that they all have been hardworking and diligent. 

”They all have respectable jobs but decided to volunteer for this project.

“By the grace of God, if the government does not intervene or assist us, we will keep on doing the good work. We will go beyond this place and take the project further.” She concluded.

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