Fiction & PoetryPOEM: A Flicker of Hope

A Flicker of Hope
(The Ninth Month Reminder)

When the roof of your expectation is covered
in the emptiness of withered dreams
fallen from your years of labour
instead of the thuddings of the ripened fruit;
When you thought green leaves meant big fruits
only to find budding dreams breaking from
the enduring branch of actualisation
to meet death on the ground;
When dry woods remind you of a dry nation
soon to be burnt down together
with the withered dreams, you woke up to sweep
away from the compound of your mind;

When the rain becomes a flood of losses
instead of a shower of blessings;
When rocks are your ridges and
yellow-paled seedlings your increase;
When the meal for 3 is not yet prepared at 9,
the darkness of the hour closing in
on all possibilities before 12;

You look from the clock to your heart
and see a flicker of hope announcing the
59 arms of 9 o’clock and its contemporaries;
When you validate the excuse that
the passing of the sun is the passing of your dreams;
the moon smiles down and reveals its light
before sunrise.


Favour Ebubechukwu (Staff Writer)

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