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Avatar PilotnewsSeptember 6, 2021

Last week at one of my presentations on the state of Real Estate in Nigeria, I reminded my audience that the three most essential factors when buying a home are location, location, and location. The mathematics is simple; you can always change the condition and price of your new home. In fact, you can change the size or customize the entire feature. However, the one thing you cannot change or alter is your new home’s location. Thus, a great location remains an impeccable decision.

Hello, and welcome again to my routine Real-Estate Investment Blog. I am your real estate investment authority –certainly, the buck stops here, with me. As your land and estate development expert, it has always been my pleasure to address your real-estate or land or other investment-related issues. I work with Pwan Max property and Business Solutions,, a real estate marketing, investment, management, and development company well-known in Nigeria for providing a choice of classic serene, luxury homes within a flexible budget. In this column, I will address this question I received from another fan in the Diaspora.

I am in Diaspora trying to buy a property in Anambra State – preferably the new airport district. How can you help? Also, with all these scams going on in Nigeria, I am very reluctant to trust any agent – even family members. Jackie, how can you be of help?


Hello Adaora,

Thank you for expressing your concerns. As I said earlier, the most essential factor when buying a home is location, so I am glad that you are looking toward the new airport district. We currently have two estates in Umueri, Anambra State. One is Flourish Estate going for 2M outright price and 2.5M for 6/12 Months Installments. The plot size is 464 sq meters.

Another is the Max Heights Estate Umueri, currently selling for 2.4M outright. The estate neighborhood also include;

    • Anambra Airport
    • Marist Comprehensive College Nteje
    • Nwafor Orizu College of Education, etc

Furthermore, this district in a secure environment with good roads. Another good thing about the district is that you  can buy, build, or resell. It’s a fast-growing area with the rich promise of business activities considering the new airport there.

I also acknowledge your concerns about a lot of scams going on in Nigeria especially as it relates to plots of land. All the plots I offer for sale are 100 percent genuine and guaranteed. You can also conduct an independent search as regards any plot you are interested in to verify the documentation, especially the genuineness of its title. You also pay directly into the company’s account and this forestalls any chances of scam.

Also note that all plots available are estate plots and as such, once allocated become yours and you may decide to develop immediately or  allow to lay fallow for some years, then develop or resell when you are ready.

Again, thanks for thank trusting me with your real estate needs. For more information, feel free to email me directly by clicking on my signature below or call, 0810 088 0087. That’s my cell.

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