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ABUJA — The Nigerian House of Representatives has rejected a bill that allows citizens to sue the government for not providing basic welfare.

The bill suffered a setback at the house of representatives on Wednesday.

Sponsored by Sergius Ogun, a lawmaker from Edo, the legislation seeks to amend section 6 of the Constitution to allow the judiciary to entertain cases on the provision of basic welfare as contained in chapter 2.

Speaking on the bill, Ogun contended that section 6 of the constitution prevents the judiciary from entertaining cases on compliance with chapter two.

“This amendment when passed into law will enable the courts of law in Nigeria to hear and determine questions as to whether the fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy are being adhered to or otherwise,” he said.

“This will, in turn, put the relevant organs of government under an obligation to ensure that the socio-economic rights of Nigerian citizens are provided for not just in principle but in practical, tangible, and verifiable terms,” he said.

However, the lawmakers rejected the bill on the ground that it will add to the burden of the judiciary and its implementation will be difficult.

The bill was rejected when it was put to a voice vote by Idris Wase, deputy speaker of the house.

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