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Avatar PilotnewsSeptember 29, 2022

By Handel Patrick (Staff Reporter)


Engineers for Peter Obi and the Labour Party have vowed to firmly stand with Mr Peter Obi and the Labour party in transforming Nigeria into a country that every Nigerian would be proud of.

The group recently submitted a document to the Labour Party titled Roadmap for Economic and Social Development of Nigeria – Guide to National Campaign and Debate.

The document sets out a roadmap for the economic and social development of Nigeria. It highlights the areas of infrastructure and industrial development that the Labour Party under Peter Obi administration should give urgent attention to.

The document is to be embedded in the Labour Party’s manifesto and guide the national campaign and debate.

The infrastructural development and industrialisation lie on the shoulders of Engineers and Nigerian Engineers should not shy away from these responsibilities.

The coordinator of the group, Dr Chukwudi Okeke, stated that the diverse talents and skills seen in the group give him confidence that Nigerian Engineers have broad shoulders to take on the load. “They clearly understood the problems and the challenges in tackling them. It even gets better as they have profound solutions for addressing Nigeria’s engineering infrastructure and industrialisation challenges.”

“The task now for all Nigerians is to unite and elect Peter Obi as their next president. This is the greatest opportunity, no other time than now for Nigerians to stand up, unite and say enough is enough. Nigerians have been pushed to the wall, thankfully, they now have the tool, Peter Obi (the law of conservation of energy) to convert their potential energy into kinetic energy which will enable them to rebound”.

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