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Netflix users will no longer be able to share their passwords with others in 2023 as the streaming platform is planning to charge users for sharing their login details among multiple users.

Netflix’s reason for this remains unclear. However, according to multiple reports, it is aimed at making the company gain new subscribers, rather than relying on the ones they currently have who are inviting friends and family to partake in their subscription with them.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the company lamented that more than 100 million Netflix viewers now watch the service using passwords they borrow—often from family members or friends.

Netflix hopes that by ending the password-sharing policy and asking users who share accounts to pay to do so, those who were previously unsubscribed will be driven to subscribe to the platform, thereby raising the company’s revenue, which has plummeted in the past few months.

To effect the new policy, the company would give the primary account holder a code, which expires after 15 minutes, that other users will have to input on their device before having access to the account. If users do not want to go through this process upon logging in, the primary account holder can opt to add up to two users.

Netflix has already begun testing this system in Latin American countries and it expects to begin rolling out the change in the United States early next year.

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