Anthony Obi OgboEducationNational DevelopmentReflections on Leadership and the Change Process —Dr. Anthony Obi Ogbo

The application of leadership must galvanize a culture of transformation, inspire the masses. A leader must be able to speak the language of transformation with an accent pertinent to innovation and the change structure. Therefore, it might not be leadership if the process does not speak this language and also, does not recognize the values of innovation.


Phrases and paragraphs of my book, Maxims of Political Leadership, are riddled with tropes of structural leadership realities. In fact, the entire content remains a deconstruction of comprehensible management tools, conceptual theories, and conventional MAXIMS relevant to the actions of POLITICAL LEADERSHIP and organizational change management.

Amidst various studies on leadership, the prevailing challenges in the practice arena instigate a recipe for disaster. A collision in the political governance system may have submerged various constituents in fundamental crisis ascribed to mediocrity or recklessness of leaders trapped in intellectual impoverishment.

In this book, I invoke logical thoughts and public-policy expressions to deliver ontological certainty in managing people, their communities, and socio-political progress. Fundamental actions of leadership must be build hope rather than fear; radiate love instead of hate; orate peace not animosity; and accordingly, build unity rather than separation.

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    Emeka Chiakwelu

    August 17, 2021 at 7:23 pm

    Well received. Leadership which you rightly delineated must be innovative, visionary and creative. And it must be time conscious in the adaptation of seasonal changes. I was marvelled to learn that Chinua Achebe’s Things fall Apart is a recommended reading at Harvard Business school. Why business school? Because the tragic hero of the book Okonkwo failed to understand that the acceptance of seasonal changes of politics and sociology must be the hallmark of leadership. A leader must adapt to changes in his/her environment inorder to deliver an effective and productive leadership.


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