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The Anaedo Online, a reliable and renowned online media platform domiciled in Nnewi Anambra State, South-East, Nigeria, owned by Freshmind Communications, organised a fabulous and fascinating programme in commemoration of its third anniversary.
The August occasion which took place on Friday, 27th August 2021 in Martina Plaza, Nnewi has some selected erudite, respected, and successful personalities in various fields of human endeavors as resource persons.

Prince Barrister Obianefo Orizu and a guest at the Anaedo Online 3rd Anniversary in Nnewi. (WAP Photo)

Coincidentally, all the speakers reiterated in their various presentations that effective and feasible government policies will provide enabling environment for businesses and other lucrative viable sectors to thrive tremendously in the South-East region of Nigeria.
A highly experienced banker, Mr. Anayo Nwosu hit the ground running as he delivered his lecture on the theme; “Economic profitability of South East Investment, where he used his wealth of knowledge spanning about three decades in the financial sector to mesmerize the audience at making right plans ànd choice of investment. He said:” the South East has contributed to the growth of Nigerian economy”. He further pointed out that  the place of banking in discovering the potentials of the South East can not be over-emphasized even though he maintained that; wrong policies affect economic development as no economy will progress when you elect bad leaders in power”
Delivering the keynote address on the topic, “Potentials of the Southeast,” the immediate past governor of Anambra State who doubled as the Vice-presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 Presidential election, through his virtual participation highlighted on the place of Igbos in development, “You can not talk about development anywhere in the world without talking about the Igbos or South  Easterners.”
Relating to history,  Governor Peter Obi said; “In the 80s, more factories in Aba were producing quality footwear and clothings, Nnewi and Onitsha were facilitating commercial activities. In fact, Aba, Onitsha, and Nnewi were the commercial hubs in Eastern Nigeria as well as Nigeria competing favourably with countries like Thailand Vietnam but today, it is sad that Thailand and Vietnam are exporting to Nigeria”.
The former number one citizen of Anambra State, Mr. Obi enthused that:  “Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)s  which are huge sources of employment opportunities and a great source of revenue to the government are predominantly domiciled in the South-East”.
He suggested that ” If government articulates policies to support entrepreneurship like lending monetary support to entrepreneurs, it will go a long way in enhancing the potentials of our people in the South-East”.

Photo: L-R, Ononuju Egwuonye (Staff Reporter) and Ebuka Onyekwelu (Staff Writer/Columnist), both of The West African Pilot News in this selfie at the Anaedo Online 3rd Anniversary

Making suggestions, he opined that government should have a policy to support indigenous factories. Relating  Nigeria to India who enacted a policy in the ’80s mandating all Indians especially government officials to drive solely Indian vehicles. “In the same way, the Nigerian government should equally initiate a policy that Nigerians should drive
Innoson Vehicles ( IVM brands) in a bid to support the potentials in the South East.
Frowning at Nigeria’s corrupt leadership system, which doesn’t appreciate entrepreneurship, Mr. Obi said: “Bangladesh spent about $38m in training entrepreneurs but due to corruption bedeviling our economy as a result of bad leadership, Nigeria will not subscribe to such initiative.”
In the speech delivered by the chairman of Lion Business Park, Dr. Okechukwu John Mbonu who was equally a resource person informed the audience that: “in a bid to bridge the gap, harness the potentials in the South-East by facilitating the commercial and industrial sector that a group of Nigerian professionals entered into consultations with Nigeria business community, their foreign counterparts and various Chambers of Commerce and conceived the idea of an integrated industrial/ commercial hub known as the Lion Business Park”.
The erstwhile top board member of The Nigerian Breweries Plc, as well as M/D of Heineken brand, said that “Lion Business Park is, therefore, a Public-Private Partnership (PPP ) Initiative conceived by the promoters of Lion Business Park in collaboration with Enugu State Government with the aims of boosting the South-East economic life “by turning traders to manufacturers, turning importers to exporters, turning Craftsmen to innovators, turning the unemployed into business owners and retooling our school leavers to make them employed”.
The publisher of Anaedo Online, Mr. Cornel Osigwe followed suit in presentation as he disclosed the rationale  behind the establishment of the online media outfit as a desire to get rid of a lopsided news story that is flooding Nigerian Online Media sector and achieve a balanced and objective reportage, that Anaedo Online was born
on the 27th of August, 2018″.
He equally explained that” the made in Aba products, Nkwo Nnewi Market, Mgbuka Obosi, etc had not gained the expected global media recognition because of lack of indigenous medium to tell the stories of these South Eastern achievements because news blogs in Nigeria were predominantly owned by Westerners, Northerners, and Foreigners, therefore, giving South Eastern stories their own interpretation,” so in order to achieve a holistic media brand that is Igbocentric, a platform for us to tell our own story the way it happened straight from Alaigbo, broadcast from the East of the Niger and be read /viewed from all parts of the world” that Anaedo Online came into existence.
While soliciting supports to aid Anaedo Online in carrying out her proposed social responsibility/ oversight functions, Mr. Osigwe enumerated the packages: “scholarships, skill acquisition projects, self club initiation project, H. O. P. E; Helping Other People Excel, self club students empowerment, Leadership forum, etc. and appealed for financial contribution to executing the above capital intensive project to aid humanity.
A co-founder of  Metallurgical institute, Oba, Anambra State, foremost automotive expert and President of Nigeria in Diaspora America, Chief Obed Muonago through his virtual keynote presentation suggested that Innoson can open an academy where South Easterners and other Nigerians can learn to make automotive designs. Chief Muonago advised that societal values, technical and technological knowledge should be imparted to our children at a young age so that in their prime, they will be busy, thereby reducing crime rates.
Also, Mr. Kene Mkparu educated the audience on the place of entertainment in the economy with a special interest in the CINEMA where he stated that the development of enabling policies by the government and development of film production infrastructures will help the cinema industry to develop.
The Executive Director of Chicason Group, Mr. Dikanna Okafor took his turn to hold the audience spellbound as he delivered his talk on “Industrialization in the Southeast where he stressed that education is paramount in industrial growth as he emphasized that the Chinese government looked beyond the border and encouraged their citizens as the number of Chinese students studying keep increasing.
Earlier in his speech, he made a comparison of Beijing, China between 1978 when they have  47 bicycles and today when they have 8m cars in use because the Chinese government invested and supported industrialization and patronised homemade brands.
Buttressing his point on industrial synergy which will facilitate industrialization in the Southeast,  Mr. Okafor cited the refusal of the moribund ” EKENE DILI CHUKWU MOTOR to be in Synergy with A-Z PETROLEUM but considered TOTAL, MOBIL, and other foreign brands. Today, Anambra State government and indigenes ard not paying IVM the required patronages so he said its worthwhile industrial synergy is tightened to help industrialization in the Southeast boom.
 Other speakers that made Anaedo Online 3rd Anniversary Lectures the best of their kind are Onyinye Igbokwe, Dr. Endi Ezengwa, and Mr. Ifeanyi Anigoh.
Also present at the occasion is Anambra State-born media/political commentator and analyst, Mr. Ebuka Onyekwelu made a lively impact on the success of the event as he compered classically.
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