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ENUGU — Little did Nigerians know that the arrest and extradition of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, will trigger a weekly show of dissatisfaction and defiance of the government.

Kanu’s ordeal sparked off a Monday-Monday sit-at-home order in a show of solidarity with their estranged leader.

Since 9th August 2021, the level of compliance to the order has been total as schools, markets, business premises, motor parks are completely shut down and the roads deserted like a ghost town.

Arguments that compliance is based on fear may not hold much water because the end goal is achieved and with no strategic intervention, may progress negatively.

Reviewing the compliance to the sit-at-home order witnessed thus far, The West African Pilot News (WAP) took to the streets to feel the pulse of the people on the order.

A political analyst and top public servant in Enugu who pleaded anonymity expressed dissatisfaction in the Monday-Monday sit-at-home order; “the order would have been reasonable if it is limited to days that Nnamdi Kanu is to appear in court,

“Also, considering the procedure for secession, the right framework is not in place; referendum process is not captured in the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Center focus should be on constitutional review, getting the core stakeholders like the state governments, elites to support the move, if not, the whole move may not yield desired fruit.”

“The campaign against voter registration is like shooting oneself on the leg; it will not augur well for the South-East because data collected will work against us; we must not disenfranchise ourselves”

“Furthermore, the agitation over marginalization is a phase which I believe with incoming of next administration will not be. The present administration and Nigerian politics of today has not helped matters but we must fight wisely,”

The 59 years old male public servant then advised, “Igbos should unite and support her own to take overcome 2023; this will be the first step to addressing marginalization at the immediate and proceed to lay a concrete plan for secession if the need still is, an amendment of the constitution comes first.”

The story is different for artisans who make daily incomes. Ndubuisi a bricklayer said, “It has not been easy for us because we depend on our day paid job but if that is the sacrifice to pay for us to achieve Biafra and not allow our leader languish in jail, then we have to endure; I support the sit-at-home.”

Mrs. Esther, a cybercafé owner expressed grave concern at the order. She said, “Although my weekly income is not affected because my customers have adjusted to accommodate the order, I am more concerned because this present administration is deaf and insensitive to the people; am afraid that the condition placed by IPOB before calling off the order may not be met.”

For some civil servants, Mondays are another day of rest and opportunity to attend to home chores. Mrs. Amaka said, “Our weekends are extended which is a good thing for me.”

Different strokes for different folks but the situation on the ground is worrisome and may have grave consequences which is better averted than experienced; dealing with Nnamdi Kanu is like a tse-tse fly that perches on the scrotum, caution is the watchword.

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