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Avatar PilotnewsSeptember 28, 2021

Chief Dan Ulasi “Okosisi Nnewi’; the Chairman Igwe Nnewi Royal Cabinet and the initiator of Nnewi Agenda was kidnapped Sunday evening around Amichi on his way back to Enugu after the Igwe Nnewi Royal Cabinet meeting.

Chief Dan Ulasi was later released Monday morning and his car made away with. He said he noticed that the kidnappers trailed him from the Palace. They knew he was returning to Enugu.
According to Okosisi Nnewi, he was intercepted around Amichi, connecting to Awka Etiti and the kidnappers quickly called their sponsors to notify them that they finally had him in custody.

Chief Dan Ulasi “Okosisi Nnewi’ addressing Nigerians in the Diaspora recently in Houston, Texas.

Okosisi Nnewi who though had his face covered listened to their phone conversations. He believed the kidnappers were taking orders from a boss. He initially thought they were traveling to Imo State but was trying to mislead him with their numerous phone calls. They, however, shoved him off of the truck, apparently on the instructions of the boss.
The operations were planned and targeted at Chief Ulasi, claimed a source. He was rushing to Enugu to participate in the events preceding the burial of the late Justice EC Ubaezuonu whose final internment is scheduled for September, 30th 2021, and it appears they knew exactly his destinations.

The gunmen, four in number, it was gathered drove Chief Ulasi and the driver around for hours before pushing them out of the vehicle. The victims sustained minor injuries.

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