BusinessPhilanthropyFoundation Empowers Over 1,000 Women With Starter Packs Worth 10 Million
KEFFI — Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN) has trained no fewer than 1,000 women in different skills in Nasarawa West Senatorial District and empowered them with starter packs worth 10 Million.
Alhaji Ahmed Wadada, chairman of the company, while presenting the packs to the beneficiaries, who recently completed an intensive five-day training on Saturday in Keffi, Nasarawa State, said the gesture aimed to reduce poverty among rural women in Nasarawa West.
“The empowerment programme was organised to stimulate entrepreneurship development in the district.
“It was imperative for all affluent persons in Nigeria to support the efforts of the Federal Government to eliminate poverty in the country.
“200 women were meticulously selected from each of the five Local Governments Areas that made up the Nasarawa West Senatorial District to benefit from the training scheme.
“I welcome you to the grand finale of the women empowerment scheme, organised by Wadada Education Foundation in collaboration with the Amazons of Arewa Rural Women Intervention Scheme and IX Media, which is targeted at empowering women in Nasarawa West Senatorial District.

“This is not the first empowerment programme that the foundation is embarking on; but this time around, we targeted women because we all know what it means to empower or educate a woman.

“When you educate or empower a woman, you are empowering the entire society. That is why we have chosen, this time around, to empower our women.

“And not just to empower them by acquiring skills but of course to complement it with starter packs for them so that you do not train them to acquire the skills and go home empty-handed.

“If they go home empty-handed, the skills that they have acquired may be a waste because they may not have the wherewithal, financially, to start on their own.

“And that is why we put together start packs for the trainers in the various aspects of skills they have acquired so as to take home and begin practice immediately after the training.

“Some people may be wondering what is the cost implication of empowering 1,000 women.

“I really do not have the actual figure of the amount of money spent for various components of the programme.

“But I know, so far, we have spent not less than 10 Million to ensure holistic execution of the project.”
The PAN chairman, who is also the founder of Wadada Education Foundation, said that the foundation would follow up with assessment and evaluation to see what the women were doing or had achieved in their communities.
“The assessment and evaluation of each and every one of them will determine the next line of action to be taken on each of them in the various skills that they have acquired as a result of the training that they have been given.
“Any of them that are doing well will be given additional support. For instance if a woman that has been trained to produce shampoo is doing averagely well.
“If her starting package before was N20,000, she will be rewarded with 10 or 20 percent of her total package to enable her to deepen and broaden the scope of her operation,” Wadada said.
Responding on behalf of the beneficiaries, Hauwa’u MaiKeffi gave assurance that all the beneficiaries would ensure judicious use of the skills acquired and the tools provided to them.
Hassan Umar Shallpella (Regional Correspondent)

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