Flood & Natural DisasterFlood: Soludo Seeks ‘Forceful’ Response from Nigerian Govt

Avatar PilotnewsOctober 19, 2022
By Handel Patrick (Staff Reporter)
Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State has asked the Nigerian government to be more “forceful” in their response to the raging flood across the country.
Many states in Nigeria have been battling flood disasters in recent times. Some communities in several states have been submerged.
Mr. Soludo said the country must hold a national conversation about flooding to prevent a recurrence.
“We can no longer deal with perennial flooding as an emergency. We knew it would happen. We know the next one will come. A year or two from now another massive one will come and the country must begin to prepare and ask what if it happens again, what would be our response,” the governor said when he appeared as a guest on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily on Tuesday.
“And that conversation must become a national conversation in the run-up to next year’s election. I think the National Assembly, the presidency must give a more forceful response, especially in the next two to three weeks when the flooding recedes,” he stated.
Flooding in Anambra
Mr. Soludo lamented that flooding was taking a toll on residents of the state, saying about eight council areas in the state have been submerged with bridges, roads, and houses completely washed off.
“There are communities, villages, and local government areas that are completely cut off. Roads leading to those places have been completely swept off by the flood,” he stated.
The governor said the state government has been “cleaning up drainages” to let water get to the river but regretted that the flood has overwhelmed more than “one-third of the state.”
“Beyond the immediate coping strategy and our own long-term agenda as a government in dealing with the environment, there is the national conversation that needs to happen.”
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