EducationNewsNigeriaOver 11,000 Teachers Sat For Professional Qualifying Examination In Nigeria

No fewer than 11,629 candidates have sat for the second batch of the 2022 Teachers Professional Qualifying Examination, PQE, nationwide conducted by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, (TRCN).

Dr Jacinta Ogboso, TRCN’s Director of Examination and Licencing, disclosed this after monitoring the exercise in Abuja, explained that the Federal Capital Terrotory had the highest number of candidates with 982 teachers, while Lagos, Anambra, Ondo and Kaduna had equal number of registered candidates.

Ogboso, said candidates who fail the PQE are given three opportunities to write, adding that no teacher who went through teacher education should not fail the exam more than twice because it covers professional skills. “So, everybody who has gone through those teacher education programmes should not have a problem passing this examination.

“The result should be ready within 2 weeks. After this exam, the result will be extracted and analysed; and the management will set the cut-off mark and then we’ll look at it. “There are processes in every civil service so the processes of approving the results will be done and then the result be released to the public,” she said. “Apart from academic qualifications, teacher’s professional qualifying examination is important for teachers to obtain licenses for their practice.

“We have a total of 11,629 candidates who registered for this examination nationwide and in FCT here, we have 982 candidates who are registered.

“So, we no longer depend on the academic qualification; after the academic qualification, we are sure that people who are going to the classroom to teach our children are actually professionally qualified; so that is why this exam is important.

“If you do not pass this exam, you would not be registered by Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria, and once you’re not registered and identified as a teacher, you would not be recognised as a teacher in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.

“So that is why this exam is very necessary and crucial; no professional qualifying examination, no teacher registration certificate, and no licensing by Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria,” she said.

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