Crime & SecurityNewsNigeriaPolice In Edo Arrested 56 Year Old For Selling Expired Drugs

Avatar PilotnewsNovember 22, 2022

A 56 year old Ifeanyi Orji was arrested by the Police in in Benin City, Edo State for selling expired drugs to the public.

According to the state command’s spokesperson, SP Chidi Nwanbuzor expired drugs recovered from the suspect include amlodipine, diclofenac injection, gentamicin, tramadol and syringe and needles, adding that investigation has revealed that the suspect had been dealing in expired drugs for a long time.“The police received an intelligence report that the suspect specialize in selling fake drugs to the people at Iguadolo community.

A search was carried out on the chemist and expired drugs in large quantities were recovered,” SP Nwanbuzor said.Speaking to journalists, the suspects Ifeanyi Orji claimed that the expired drugs were found in his house and not shop.“The police stormed my shop and said they wanted to search my shop. After searching the shop without seeing anything incriminating, they said I should take them to my house where they found the expired drugs.“I am not selling expired drugs. I removed the drugs from the shop with the intention of destroying them, but before I could do that the police came and arrested me,” he said.

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