NewsNigeriaRegionsIbadan Poly Bans Pregnant Students, Nursing Mothers from Staying in Hostels, Bringing Babies to Classroom

The Polytechnic, Ibadan, also known as Poly Ibadan, has banned pregnant female students and nursing mothers from residing in the school hostel and nursing mothers from bringing babies to the classrooms.

According to a notice signed by the institution’s governing council on behalf of the management on Tuesday, defaulters would be suspended for one semester.

The school management also banned students from hugging publicly, sitting on the opposite sex’s laps in public and driving tinted vehicles on campus.

According to the notice, while the car will be impounded for one semester, the ‘indecent postures’ will attract a semester suspension for the students involved.

Also banned are indecent dressing which the management classified as multi-coloured braids for females, coloured hairstyles, hair braiding and spangled hairstyles for males, dreadlocks, wearing cowries for females, wearing earrings for males, the unconventional wearing of fez caps, sagging and tattoos.

By Ezinwanne Onwuka (Senior Reporter)
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