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Barr. Ifeanyi Mbanusi, chieftain of the Labour Party, had said that the party’s candidate, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivor, would win Lagos, on Saturday. “Our party’s candidate Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivor would win Lagos on Saturday”, Barr. Mbanusi had said during an interview with the West African Pilot News. Mbanusi who is a major supporter of Gbadebo also hinted that the efforts made so far by the party and the supporters of the party in Lagos is convincing and surely will result in a clean win on Saturday. “A lot of Lagosians want something new which our candidate epitomizes. He is youthful, smart and pragmatic. So there is little room for doubt that he is not what the people of Lagos need at this time. But even beyond that, we have been putting in tremendous efforts into this project and at this point, I can tell you that we will win,” Barr. Mbanusi said.

The coming Saturday’s gubernatorial and State Houses of Assembly election around the country has raised tension in many states especially where the incumbent governor is gunning for a second term. In Lagos, the political tension had spilled-over and in some places, support is sharply divided along ethnic and tribal lines. Consequently resurrecting the old rusty argument of “who owns Lagos,” along other corollary like “Lagos is no man’s land,” etc. interestingly, the incumbent governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has even intensified his campaigns around unusual places, all of which constitute the meat and comedy of the coming Governorship election in Lagos state.

However, for Barr. Ifeanyi Mbanusi, this election is not just another governorship election in Lagos state, which usually takes the turn of strange tension and ethnic related allusions. “This election is not the usual governorship election in Lagos. We have worked and are still working hard to put an end to all the anomalies in Lagos state through voting in a government that owe the people all the allegiance and also one that is accountable to the people of Lagos and this is what Labour Party is offering through our candidate, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivor,” Barr. Ifeanyi Mbanusi concluded.

Ebuka Onyekwelu (Staff Writer)
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