Crime & SecurityNewsNigeriaTerrorists Kidnap 1,680 School Children In Nigeria
The Save the Children has said no fewer than 1,680 schoolchildren have been kidnapped in Nigeria since 2014 when 276 schoolgirls from Chibok in Borno State were abducted by the terrorists.
A new data analysis by the organization on Thursday said the attacks on schools have been reoccurring.
Beside the abductions, the organization said between April 2014 and December 2022 there were 70 attacks on schools and over 180 school children were killed and nearly 90 injured, with an estimated 60 school staff kidnapped and 14 killed.
“During the period, 25 school buildings were reportedly destroyed with 49 attacks in North-West Nigeria and 11 attacks in North-Central Nigeria,” the statement said.
According to the organization, aftermath of attacks is that children and communities are traumatised and many children are scared to return to school.
“One girl, who survived the Chibok school attack, said: “I am afraid of being a victim some other day and afraid of dying or rape by the insurgents,” it added.
Famari Barro, Country Director at Save the Children Nigeria, said more needs to be done to prevent attacks and stressed the need for support to children and their families in the aftermath of the attacks.
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