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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised Africans to expect more cases of Covid-19 on the continent .

This development came shortly after Nigeria recorded four new cases of the virus.

Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, while briefing on Covid-19 in Geneva on Thursday pleaded that the continent learns from how the spread of the virus has sped up elsewhere.

Although the number of confirmed cases in Africa are currently low, there is still no basis for complacency.

“Africa should wake up, my continent should wake up,” Mr Ghebreyesus said.

Confirmed cases of coronavirus have been on the increase in Africa since it was first reported in Egypt.

Although Africa was among the last continents to report cases of the virus, cases are beginning to spread throughout the continent as 33 countries have reported at least a case.

Africa had reported 17 deaths and this is expected to increase as confirmed cases rise.

WHO Regional Director for African, Matshidiso Moeti, said during a press briefing on Thursday, that cases have been low because some African countries have been screening from their airports while others quickly imposed restrictions on travellers.

Our main interest is to have countries contain the spread, especially the local transmission of the virus,” she said.

So far, Egypt still tops the chart of countries with the most cases in Africa.

Health experts warn that strained public health systems in Africa could become quickly overwhelmed if the virus takes hold, especially in overcrowded urban areas.

WHO recommended that mass gatherings should be avoided.

“Africans should do all they can to cut it from the bud, expecting that the worst could happen,” Mr Ghebreyesus said.

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