TransportationVIO Warns Motorists Against Patronising Illegal Vehicle Insurance Coys

Avatar PilotnewsOctober 12, 2021

ABUJA — The FCT Directorate of Road Transport Services (DRTS), also known as Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO), has warned motorists against patronising illegal vehicle insurance companies.

According to DRTS Director, Mr. Wadata Bodinga, most insurance companies are independent entities and should be verified by motorists before patronising them

“Individuals are supposed to collectively follow up and ensure that when they have claims, such claims are paid for by the insurance company.

“Some of the people exercising their rights with insurance companies are actually getting what they paid for,” he said.

Bodinga, however, said that the directorate was not saddled with the responsibility of linking vehicle owners to insurance companies.

“We do not link individuals to insurance companies as these companies have their own platforms where you can personally do whatever insurance.

“You don’t need to come through the directorate to get your insurance done.

“In fact, you can’t even come through the directorate, most times people come through the agent of an insurance company,” he said.

He added that vehicle insurance was different from vehicle registration but was equally part of the document required for a vehicle to ply on a public road.

“We are directly concerned about vehicle licence, roadworthiness, and other aspects of vehicle registration.

“There is a limit to what we can do which is in line with Section 20(e) of our regulation which states that a vehicle should not be licensed until it is duly insured with a minimum of third party.

“So, that is where road traffic officers come in, in terms of vehicle insurance.

“The fact is that we are the ones doing registration and there is a target, so that is the relationship,” he said.

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