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Avatar PilotnewsFebruary 17, 2022

By Joe C. Anatune, Guest Columnist and Blogger

AWKA — Prof. Ben Nwabueze needs no introduction. He is a Soludo believer through and through. I was not surprised to read his treatise on “Igbo Leaders of Thought: A Revolution of Intellectuals,” a greater part which is devoted to the promise that the Soludo government holds for Ndi Anambra and the South. Nwabueze leads the Igbo Leaders of Thought.

Three years ago, Hon. Chike Anyaonu and I went to greet Nwabueze in his Lagos residence. Apparently slowed by age, but mentally very strong, the erudite Constitutional Law Professor sprawled on his settee amidst a couple of documents that needed his attention. He did not waste time in asking after Soludo who he warned Anambra shouldn’t miss the fecundity of his thoughts and actions.

He stoutly chided critics who accuse Soludo of intellectual assertiveness of missing the point; praying to be alive to see Soludo as Governor of Anambra. It is ennobling that his prayers and those of the majority of Ndi Anambra were granted on November 6, when Soludo was overwhelmingly voted as the next Governor of Anambra State.

As the countdown to Soludo’s Inauguration has begun, Prof. Nwabueze further captures the upbeat mood and expectations of Ndi Anambra as follows;

“I believe Soludo is a new phenomenon, an intellectual governor. In his over 70-page manifesto, the first of such compendium, he was specific in what he must do in every aspect of our needs and demands, in education, works and transport, utilities, lands and settlement, and overall development of the state. He clearly captured the state and clearly analyzed what is to be done, not phantasies.

He saw the four-tier education set-up and promised to engage and improve them. We see Dr. Michael Okpara’s endeavours that built an education system that overtook those that started centuries before. I see a state with an enhanced education system, industries, well-planned estates, and peaceful and relaxed social life. I see unemployment fully engaged. Anambra must become truly the Dubai of this area and this generation with substantial influence in other states in the South-East.

We thank Prof. Chukwuma Soludo for his determined efforts to join the race and save our people. We pray to the good Lord to bless him.”

Yes, we too are praying that the Liveable and prosperous Anambra that Soludo envisions comes to fruition.

*Joe C Anatune, a public affairs analyst writes from Awka

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