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Everyone weighs with potential.

Everyone is unraveled and unraveling.

The unraveled, we know.

The unraveling, we guess.

No one is as blind as a forecaster.

To pride in the confidence that

pattern A-B and B-C apply to X-Y

is bold blindness.

Not humans.

Accidents happen.

In-between the lines are hiccups.

Some, dissolved by a spittle-swallow


multiple oceans cannot subside.

Bitcoin is not as volatile as humans.

What do you seek to know?

Knowledge at hand is only knowledge for the time being;

No one is the ancient of days.

Time ticks,

pray each period reigns with dazzling light.

You yearn to know another’s future before settling in

Yet at every of life’s juncture, you amaze yourself.

The words you once deterred,

you now use.

The game you once despised

you play by its rule.

The wind you once condemned,

now pedals for your flight.

Don’t tell me God understands.

It’s human nature.

If you must fly,

Fly high, fly wild, fly wide.

You cannot be a bird associated with the ground

like the heavy bird that ends up in the Christmas pot.

Fly or lie.

It’s risk or safety likewise

But safety is worse than risk.

It abhors the prize of risk.

Risk is king;

It assigns safety.

So you may as well fly,

high, wild, and wide.

In a world of beasts,

The beauty of sleeping only lasts as long as the beast delays.

Hunger is a propellant

You, too, must be propelled.

Favour Chiagozie Ebubechukwu is an Editorial  Staff Writer and columnist with the WAP

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