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Ahead of the November governorship election in Imo State, the Imo State Government has mocked the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State, Sen. Samuel Anyanwu, saying that the main opposition party is dead, in shreds and cannot be a threat to Governor Hope Uzodinma’s reelection bid in the forthcoming governorship election in the state.

Oguwike Nwachuku, the Chief Press Secretary and Media Adviser to the Governor in a press statement on Monday said that its attention has been drawn to a statement credited to the Imo State governorship candidate of the PDP for the November 11, governorship election, accusing Sen. Hope Uzodimma of greed and desperation.

The statement read, “At the first session of the 11th Synod of the Diocese of Mbaise held at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Owutu Parish, Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area of the state, Sen. Anyanwu, rather than address the audience on what programmes he has that would be better than what Governor Uzodimma has offered, went on a weeping spree in a manner reminiscent of a lactating baby, an indication he obviously has nothing to offer the people.

“Whether as Chairman of Ikeduru Local Government Area, member representing Ikeduru House of Assembly, Senator representing Owerri zone or the National Secretary of the PDP, the records are there to show that Sen. Anyanwu has always been delivered like a baby to the positions of responsibility he occupied.

“So, finding his voice for the first time as a man of his own, his infantile mindset indicating that he has not learnt anything or better still, incapable of taking advantage of the tutelage period from his godfathers, has unfortunately manifested.

“At the risk of sounding immodest, the reverse of what Sen. Anyanwu was credited to have said is rather the case given that the PDP he is flying the flag has been torn to shreds based on his inherent greed and rabid desperation to be the standard bearer of the Party against popular wish.

“We are almost certain that because Sen. Anyanwu’s kinsmen have been asking him questions regarding the Ekemele spot and his failure to offer reasonable answers, he found it convenient to shamelessly rush to Mbaise where the Synod took place, to seek support which, obviously he won’t get because the people are aware that he is not just incompetent but a serial betrayer.

“Anyanwu needs to be reminded that his person and his party are culpable of the so-called thugery, violence and election malpractices in Imo State he alluded to. Otherwise, why do they celebrate such ills anywhere they occur in Imo State if they do not approve of them?

“How come Sen. Anyanwu and his party celebrate insecurity in Imo State instead of joining hands with Governor Uzodimma and his government to fight the monster if they are not convinced that the whole idea of insecurity in the state is politically contrived to distract the government of Sen. Uzodimma?

“Anyanwu and his party are barely surviving because the PDP candidate connived with other like minds to put the fortunes of the party in harm such that what is left of it is nothing but a carcass,” the statement added.

By Uzoamaka Ikezue (Staff Reporter)

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