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Thousands have converged on Ramat Square, on the outskirts of Maiduguri, and performed two Rak’at Prayers for Rain, as directed by His Royal Highness, the Shehu of Borno state, Dr. Abubakar Ibn Umar Garbe El-amin El-kanemi.

The worshippers offered prayers to seek divine intervention due to the scarcity of rainfall being witnessed in the state.

Farmers in Borno state have resumed farming activities this year with the gradual return of peace for their sustenance and to contribute to the nation’s food production.

However, the lack of sufficient rainfall has now challenged the expectation of a bumper harvest as it will affect the livelihoods of humans and animals.

During the prayer session, Imam Muhammad quoted various verses and Hadiths of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBHM) that emphasized the consequences of deviating from Allah’s commandments and the blessings to be bestowed upon adherence to the command.

The Imam urged the Muslim Ummah to refrain from all forms of evil, exhibit brotherhood, and pray for Allah’s mercy to restore peace to Borno state and the entire country.

Among those who attended the prayer session is His Royal Highness, the Shehu of Borno state, and Dr. Abubakar Ibn Umar Garbe El-amin El-kanemi.

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