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By Ibrahim Abdul’Aziz, Regional Correspondent

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has warned marketers operating in Adamawa state not to use petrol subsidy removal as an excuse to exploit customers at the filling stations, threatening that any filling stations engaged in sharp practices will be  sanctioned  by the regulatory body.

The Operations Controller (DPR) in charge of Adamawa/Taraba field office,Sadiq Ibraheem Danjuma who gave the warning  during an interactive session with journalists said that the department would not allow customers to be cheated.

Danjuma said although there was increase in the price of petrol at both depots and retail outlets as a result of removal of fuel subsidy, marketers should not engage in sharp practices to exploit buyers.

“Marketers should desist from selling lower quantities than what they display in the pump. They must make sure that one litre is up to one litre before selling to customers.

“Any marketer found selling less than a litre, the department will deal with him”, the controller said.

He appealed to owners of filling stations to make sure that their pumps were working efficiently.

“We are to ensure that there is equity between the marketers and buyers, we are also to make sure that the quality and quantity of the petroleum product is guaranteed”, he said.

He said that hoarding, under-dispensing of products, sales above official pump price, diversion of products and it’s smuggling were all part of sharp practices.

Danjuma said that any marketer found practicing such offences would be penalized according to the law.

“Such practices are a punishable offence, we will close down the filling station to remain closed for a period of time.

“Then the marketer is to pay a penalty into the Treasury Single Account”, he said.

The Controller said that those found for hoarding the product would pay N270 per each litter.

He also called on the marketers to follow due process for a successful business.

He further said that the DPR mandate is to regulate and monitor the product and they have now moved to online smart inspection for lances, surveillance among others.

Ibrahim Abdul' Aziz (Correspondent)
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