Law & JusticeLifestyleFraud : Pastor Deceived Me to Sell My Only House, Jilted Evangelist Tells Yola Court

By Ibrahim Abdul’Aziz,  Regional Correspondent


A  female evangelist who was allegedly jilted by her fiancee and pastor of Fire House Revival Ministry, Kwanye Tumba has told an area criminal court II sitting in Yola, the Adamawa State capital, that her ex-fiancee, Pastor Marwa Tumba deceived her with a marriage proposal, squandered her money and later ended up frustrating her life.

The distraught looking evangelist had 2 weeks ago sued the Pastor and said she first met with Pastor Marwa at a programme in Yolde Pate, Yola South Local Government Area, and that after the event, the Pastor told her that God has blessed her with a husband and that he is the husband.

At the resumed sitting of the court, she told the court that the pastor lured her and made her sell her house and kept on collecting the money, squandered it, and thereafter abandoned her.

She said all through the period of their relationship, the pastor kept assuring her that he will marry her as a result of which she was very open to him and gave him access to everything, noting that it was heart-rending to know that the man’s intent was to defraud her.

As evidence,  she tendered a bank teller, a list of items for their proposed marriage and evidence of how and where their relationship started after a prayer meeting at Yolde-Pate.

She further told the court that despite the frustration, she is worried that her ex-fiancee has consistently said she was fighting him, and that if she is not careful she will die.

She then prayed to the court to recover all her money and her house which he made her dispose of the premise that he will marry her.

The 33-year-old complainant had informed the court that the man had asked her to saw a seed and that she immediately gave him N1,000 as the seed he demanded, saying that from there, he went to her house and started their relationship.

She stated that he asked her to start attending Freedom Power Chapel Yola, the church he was worshipping before opening his Fire House Revival Ministry.

Evangelist Kwanye added that the man asked her to sale her house which she built threatening to abandon her if she refused to hearken to his demands.

She noted that because of her desperation to get a spouse, she agreed and sold the house at the sum of N500,000 and that she paid N50,000 tithe directly into his bank account as he requested.

She said that she kept supporting the church with her money until all the money got exhausted saying that he later abandoned her after wreaking her life.

She told the court as a result of the financial predicaments facing her she is now hawking vegetables so as to eke out a living.

At the court, the accused pastor appeared alongside 3 lawyers led by E.O Udo and a cross-section of his church members, while the complainant came with no legal representation.

The presiding judge, Honourable Nuhu Garta, after hearing the submission of the complainant adjourned the case to February 10th, 2021 for a ruling.

Ibrahim Abdul' Aziz (Correspondent)
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