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Two truths are told: One of them Is entirely bull-pucky ―Don Okolo

I couldn’t wait another day for my mind to undo the straps holding it down. The manacles of a particular enslavement had successfully snaked through the synapses of the once intransigent, Teflon psyche to rope it firmly. Coffee and all the bourbon in the world, the usual panacea, couldn’t do it. Every effort at untying the hardened braces to grant me my freedom failed. I tried other concoctions…like an amalgam of exquisite, foreign delicacies, and the sheer abstention from all news…from all media platforms, believing these newer versions of elixir would set me free. But still my infamous, solid-structured, impenetrable mind refused all attempts at regurgitating the tasteless, putrid confectioneries these Third Reich leftover cherubs had forced down my throat.

The preponderance of news garbage, and the soulless, gossipy opinion excerpts, I had deliberately binged on have taken their toll. I am now a victim of certain wickedness. They are scrolling my name down with a sharpie, to lead all other names on this the first and only page in the Book of Acrimony. Like that of a child forced into a recurring nightmare for a rape he/she suffered as a teenager, I’d wake up daily feeling banged with a serrated fork. Well, my stomach is filled with this filth from right-wingers. The only reason I am not cowering up and going full-blown demented and flying over that cuckoo’s nest is because I just simply couldn’t let these imbeciles win.

Well, my stomach is filled with this filth from right-wingers.

I am rambling about America’s newest excursion into a brand-new discipline called CRITICAL RACE THEORY. Whatever your position is on this already fashioned precept, you should know that there are two major camps involved…and both are separated by a wide, unbridgeable chasm. To put it another way, it is the battle between good and bad…between the forces of a majority of the white race on one side, and an Oreo blend of blacks and whites…with a sprinkle of other races on the other side. You should ask yourselves this; why should a theoretical framework that looks at racism as a ‘societal construct ingrained in the American legal and political system’ anger so many white people? Why would those that had already made, and are still scoring points against those perennially losing these points to them, be angry that we’ve come around, woke, that is, to tell the world that we were cheated out of these points? IT IS THE WHITE FRAGILITY THEORY, STUPID. That’s why. What is The White Fragility thing? I will grant you a few true examples if you really must grasp this proven concept driving most whites crazy each time they witness it. Before I do that, I am hoping that you saw the response the Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Miley, gave when he replied to the question the alleged child molester, Matt Gaetz, posed to him. I bring that up to tell you that not all white people are against the ‘Critical Race Theory’ thing. Back to the reason why most white people are against a sound theoretical concept they believe will put them and their ancestors in such bad light. “This is a state of stress experienced by some white people when they are presented with information about people of color that challenges their sense of entitlement.” Consider this: A white principal in a majority white school forces a black student with the highest GPA, to share the top honor of Valedictorian with a white student with a lower score. Got it?


She graduated with the highest GPA ever recorded in that school. In her entire time there, she registered one ‘B’. In all other courses, including the Honors and Advanced Placement Courses, she scored ‘A’s’. They forced her to share that honor with a white student. Interpretation: A black person is three-quarters of a human being in their minds…and therefore doesn’t possess the total cognition package to outscore any white person.


A Black student with the highest GPA was forced to share the honor with a white student with a much lower GPA. Here’s the annoying part: The white kid’s parents called the Superintendent of the district, and the principal of the school to drop the name of the black kid from the honor.


She had the highest GPA Score but was forced to share the honor with a white kid. There is another situation where a judge was forced to settle a similar dispute between a black student and a white student in 1991. The judge, to satisfy the white family who brought the case, ruled that both students should share the honor.

Are you beginning to get the White Fragility concept? It is real fellows…not imagined. The cases cited are enough to inculcate Critical Race Theory in schools. If you delved into the American Justice systems, your heart would break. I have written about that in an earlier article in the West African Pilot News opinion page. This is the same fear that pushed the Republicans in the Senate to kill a bipartisan bill to investigate the January 6th insurrection by an all-white mob to stop congress in her path to declare/certify the 2020 elections. In that same vein, Minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, picked David, the leaker, Nunes, to investigate the claim Fox News’ Hatchet Man, Tucker Carlson, has made…that the NSA is spying on him. Go figure!

This country has been lying to herself since the day it was founded.

The United States of America should be glad it has as many white people as possible in the democratic ranks to fight off these insane drivels from the republicans. This country has been lying to herself since the day it was founded. The lies still persist: That they are one. And they are not. Take another look and tell yourself what you see. You see different persuasions of color and culture simmering in a cauldron, unsure how to formulate that perfect harmony they have been dreaming about since 1619. My only quarrel with Democrats is their apparent lackadaisical…so freaking laid-back attitude, while watching the house as it is burning down.

There is a recent heroine on the scene. Her name is Gwen Berry, an Olympian Hammer Thrower. Her head is on the chopping block as you are reading this. They want to decapitate her like they did Colin Kirkpatrick…the famed quarterback. Maybe, they will succeed…and she will be dumped from the squad going to Japan. Gwen Berry said, she turned her back to the American flag for one simple reason: To honor the names of those that have lost their lives inside the system that is fundamentally racist. Think about that: In her way, she has ushered in additional clarity to the Critical Race Theory discourse. Have there not been people marginalized in these United States? Have the police not profiled blacks incessantly? Have they not killed blacks wantonly and gotten away with it? Does the Criminal Justice System not favor whites? You go ahead and dip into the bag of nastiness and see what you pull out. The Karens-come-lately, and the whole second-class citizen thing they don’t want taught in their schools. I think Critical Race Theory will benefit the Union…not shame it or destroy it. The destruction of America would come from domestic terrorism and not from teaching history.

Because I believe that there would be no progress made on race relations in the United States…a new political ideology is needed to sustain it…to keep it functioning with the same efficacy of an invincible pugilist. That political idea will bring about a total rewrite of the system as it is now, to one that is avant-garde, and crazy-as-hell in principles and practice…that doesn’t undo it from the original tenets of her founders; the world’s quintessential democracy. You bet…I will tell you so, next.

♦ Don Okolo, Professor and filmmaker, is on the Editorial Board of the West African Pilot News. He is the author of many books.

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