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Google has launched an autofill system called Virtual Card Numbers on its Chrome browser, which will let users hide their credit or debit card numbers while making purchases on the web.

Google made the announcement on Wednesday at its annual developer conference.

According to the company, the virtual card is for online purchases, adding that the card keeps the user’s ‘real’ card information hidden thereby protecting the user from fraud.

“When you use autofill to enter your payment details at checkout, virtual cards will add an additional layer of security by replacing your actual card number with a distinct, virtual number,” said Jen Fitzpatrick, Senior vice president for Google Core Systems & Experiences, in a statement.

Google further stated that this is a step in bringing the security of virtual cards to as many consumers as possible.

“This is a landmark step in bringing the security of virtual cards to as many consumers as possible,” said Arnold Goldberg, the Vice President and General Manager of Payments at Google.

“Shoppers using Chrome on desktop and Android can enjoy a fast checkout experience when shopping online while having the peace of mind knowing that their payment information is protected.”

The new feature will be available on Chrome on desktop and Android first, with iOS support rolling out later.

By Ezinwanne Onwuka (Senior Reporter)

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