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What in the world is God waiting for? Why is He not Pissed-off as I am? ―Don Okolo

Lay Deborah Yakubu among the lilies. Bury her with a ton of roses. Let the barren State of Sokoto, her sullied, morally bankrupt denizens, her faithlessness in that certain faith dry out into the sands that work her hills. Let her valleys, and the bedrocks roiling and steaming with the hellish brand of fire remain unquenchable. Let this abominable deed be not forgiven. For the men and women, the cruelest men and women of Sokoto, that is, sitting idly and savoring the darkly colored penumbra floating as a drifting behemoth of a range cloud, hoping it would pass before they would find that ounce of respite to start breathing again suffocate in wait. Let the bitter taste of this satanic act that is forming in the deeper niches of their mouth, pool heavier and remain as globs…and find their children, and their children’s children. This one evil must live after them. This one evil is the meanest cut of all. This absolute evil has broken the Heart of God.

Some religion is practiced evilly. And some are practiced in all goodness. God, Himself, is The Faith. We can’t prove that He is there…out there beyond time and space. Hence, we worship Him by faith. We believe. Christians believe. Moslems believe. St. Paul says it best: There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit; there are different forms of service, but the same Lord; there are different workings, but the same God.

And yet, some in the worship of God do not get this. Some Muslim cleric, right after Deborah Yakubu was butchered and set on fire, said that Muslims have a set boundary that must not be crossed by non-muslims…and that if the discussions about the aspects of the sanctity of the Muslim faith aren’t addressed, that these sacred Muslim demands would have to be addressed by the followers of Mohammed. Implying that those who follow this faith would have to determine what blasphemy against Mohammed is. Not the State. Not the Nation. As if we have one.

Why would anyone kill for a God that the one doesn’t see?

Jesus. Mohammed. If both were standing before you with their hands extended to receive you, whose hand would you grab? I ask this knowing what hand every human would grab for dear eternal life. And this would be for believers and non-believers. For Christians, Muslims, atheists, Agnostics, and everyone living, breathing freely, committing heinous crimes, and plying their insidious trade inside the realm of the observable galaxy. Let me put it this way: Louis Farrakhan, the quintessential follower of Mohammed, would take the Hand Jesus Christ is offering him. Not Mohammed’s hand. I know this because the man, Louis Farrakhan, said so himself. He said that Jesus Christ is the Messiah…his Messiah. You see, you have non-Christians who disparage the name of Jesus, and we do not chase them down to kill. If I believe in one thing, it is this; Jesus Christ wouldn’t step away from His Throne to ask me to defend Him. If He stepped out of His Throne to say anything about my stupidity, to shoot angry Eyes at the unholiness of my behavior killing and burning His daughter, Deborah Yakubu, it would be to castigate me, blacken me, no pun intended, before He would send me into the scorching flames of Kahaga, one kilometer under the sands of Sokoto. Just like He did Peter: He warned Peter in vigorous terms…in damnation language. Why would anyone kill for a God that the one doesn’t see? Maybe, it is why He never shows His Face. What is it about a followership so darned pointed they couldn’t see the need to pray for the blasphemer? Where is the compassion, and the identifying gene to recognize another as human? When these worse-than-senseless things were throwing stones and setting her on fire, did they not feel the pain? Even as their physical bodies were extended outside of Deborah’s? Were these people of stones and other senseless things? Something must give to explain this wickedness. How could these animals have suppressed these searing emotions and were able to go through with egregious vitriol, and essentially instinctive, predatory behavior of pouncing on another human and not feel anything? What in the world is God waiting for? Why is He not Pissed-off as I am…as we all are? Why is He not ending this sorry world? I can tell you why: But I won’t.

Igbos are economically embedded, breaking away is senseless.

This is why the Igbos are fed up. I am not enthusiastically gong-ho for any breakaway State. For one simple reason: It is not obtainable…although, I wish I were wrong. I have said this before, and here it is again; Igbos are economically embedded, breaking away is senseless. We couldn’t harvest our properties if we walked away. But there are other reasons. I will be adding to what most have said on the cardinal and sacrilegious sins of the country, Nigeria if I espoused on her wickedness and not on the newly formed martyr, Deborah Yakubu. There is no way she is not in the Bosom of Jesus Christ. No way! If she is not, then, there is no God. There is no way Deborah Yakubu, is not being comforted by a retinue of Angels and Arch-Angels in that assemblage of musicianship…in that panoply of Divine Orchestration of amazing wind instruments. The choral threats in an effusion of blinding lights. Those in attendance are Mary, Mother of God. Mother Teresa….and maybe, Mohammed himself. With Mohammed, if he is there, will bear a burden…because his followers…some…are the reason why the unplanned celebration is happening in Paradise. This little girl that died for Jesus, burned at the stake, if you will, will live eternally…and will sleep late in Heaven. Mark my words. These kinds of payback, when the time comes, could not be imagined. The celebration on earth, today, by these imbeciles and remnants of creation will be doused…come dying day.

♦ Don Okolo, Professor and filmmaker, is on the Editorial Board of the West African Pilot News. He is the author of many books.

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