Chris Chinwe UlasiColumnsFiction & PoetryEclipse Of Hope: Elegy for Nigeria

Avatar PilotnewsSeptember 10, 2023

How many times must I stumble, tripping on your deceit,
Before I reckon the cost with a bitter tongue, Mr. Autocrat?
Your false promises serve as your countrymen’s retreat,
How many hopes have faded, crushed under your edict?


We soared our dreams to great heights, heralding our hopes,
We must now abandon all ambitions, giving room for fear,
Where liberty has lost its ability to bear,
Who stirs such chaos, succumbing to your dangerous scope?

Many of us who bear your burden never idolized your image,
And who among us do you cherish like your own offspring?
Who among them, these mere pawns, are your kin?
You forget your vow, O coward, to be a beacon, not a mirage!

Alas, this weary world can see through your manipulations,
Your brutalities; your blunders will herald death’s association
With your kind, charlatans at their final confession
Who, at the altar, absolves our sins, our humiliation?


Copyright © 2020 Chris Chinwe Ulasi 

Chris Chinwe Ulasi, Professor of Media and Communication, is on the Editorial Board of the West African Pilot News.

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