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It was in 1998 that Tony Oneweek’s gyration masterpieces hit every nook and cranny of Nigeria and went on to dominate the music space throughout that year and the subsequent years. Very popular in his “U go Bow” album, was “Onwa December,” or December season. This particular song so remarkably connected with people that it became the symbol of the Christmas season for many years. The reception to the song remained energetic and the crowd always goes wild to the “Onwa December” tunes.

One of the major distinguishing features of Tony’s hit album was his ability to combine danceable African beats with some form of jazz. This irresistible beat, which one can hardly take sitting down and nodding head, is what Tony then finishes with fine lyrics that resonate with daily life experience of most Nigerians. At some point, the lyrics are both philosophical and nudgy, reminding people that life is for the living and has to be lived well and in happiness. Tony’s gyration songs were in such a great blend of beat, lyrics, and message. Therefore, his songs were alluring and satisfying.

Twenty-five years on, Tony’s music and style remain unique to him. Nobody else does the kind of music he did twenty-five ago. Although the Nigerian music industry has grown significantly, yet, Tony’s space in that industry remains indelible. Notwithstanding that Tony Oneweek, a music icon himself has collaborated with many other iconic African stars like Tuface on several music projects, but that gyration mix remains peculiar to him.

As Tony Onweek prepares to mark his 25 years as gyration master and cap it with a remix of his masterful piece, it is only imaginable that the song will bring with it the memories of the past during its first release. It will also serve as a piece of history for the younger generation.

The twenty five years anniversary of Tony Oneweek’s hit gyration songs is scheduled to hold in Awka, Anambra State capital, on November 18, 2023.

Ebuka Onyekwelu (Staff Writer)
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