CoronavirusEditorialsNewsNigeriaAmid Mounting Speculation, Kano says Deaths of Prominent Individuals is Not Due to Covid-19

Speculation is still brewing over the mysterious cases of death of many prominent Kano state citizens and residents floating around the media landscape.

Last week, the West African Pilot News (WAP) received reports which described grave happenings in Kano, one of Nigeria’s largest commercial and important historic cities. The names on the casualty list read like a roll call of the top echelon of the northern political elite. Enough to call attention to not only the newsworthiness of the story but also its source credibility. Why does the official position of the Kano state government read like a puzzle awaiting to be solved?

One would imagine that the news of evolving deaths of prominent individuals (since there’s little regards for frequent news reports of hundreds of  Nigerians killed by Boko Haram terrorists and others criminal elements within the country) amid the enveloping anxiety of Covid-19 pandemic should compel the authorities to douse speculations about the true causes of the deaths instead of leaving it to the rumor mill to explain.

By equivocating in rendering a credible and calm response to all questions the Kano state government is doing a grave disservice to the Nigerian people and furthering an image of an incompetent do-nothing political cadre adrift in nothingness –unable to govern and account for the responsibility of the office.

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