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Avatar Anthony O. OgboAugust 16, 20201

NOW COMES the stone face even the dream is scared to lodge;

devoid of any sway to arouse interest amongst mankind

Eyes stubbornly disruptive and unwilling to conjoin adjacent brows;

on an oversize-head, decked with irreconcilable facial features



NOW COMES this foul face even the Creator now questions;

with unkind eyes so unsightly dazed the devil bowed to pray

True, this dude, rude and crude, rules like a mindless bull;

prowling furiously with medically-defied brain lobes


NOW COMES the forsaken face so mean a look; how hollow could a head be?

ill-favored brow, housing an unhinged frame of decomposed brain nerves

Eyes of a polliwog, marked by deep vengeance and deliberately harmful;

what a daring he-monster in a human skin ―unrepentant son of Typhon


NOW COMES this face so horrific to the core —even his own mother despised;

his last major fight was with the devil but the devil lost that brawl

How could the world deal with this shockingly repellent brute;

O God, rebuke this bug called Trump that souls of masses endure.


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    Don Okolo

    August 18, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    Vintage Anthony Ogbo
    Can I take a whack at that face? I have loathing, wordy brushstrokes of drooling prose, outside the vanguard of poetry to augment your classic masterpiece. Biko nu.
    Don Okolo


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